Philip Böni is an artist living and working in Switzerland.

Im a Switzerland based photographer and painter. 

Reality becomes art.

As a trained photographer, I have daily to do with hundreds of photographs. Photographs showing people houses or everyday scenes. Photographs are images of reality. This reality is made up of a large number of individual pieces of information, which only produce the images known to us. But what happens when individual parameters are changed? When playing with colors, perspectives or forms? I follow this question in my works, bringing the hidden potentials of the photographs to light.

With the aid of image processing programs, I develop the photographs on the computer. Partially following a clearly defined process, partly out of the belly. In any case, I am intensively studying the colors, forms and graphical aspects of the original image in this step. The final realization on the screen follows an interplay of painting and image processing - to perfection.

Some of the resulting images still move close to the original photograph. Others do not have anything in common at first sight. But often they have emerged from a photograph according to a clearly defined process. An example of this is the series "xxx", in which the photograph is divided into individual fields whose color values ​​are respectively averaged. In a second step, I take pictures of these average values ​​on the screen.

There are no limits to the subjects of my pictures. They range from portraits to societal issues such as dealing with the refugee crisis to abstract forms. The only thing that goes through all my works is the fascination for photography and painting and the joy of colors, structures and ever new techniques.


Generis AG


AUGUST 2018 - AUGUST 2019


Kleidergschäft Schaffhausen


Das Kapital ist weg, wir sind

das Kapital!  Gruppenausstellung 

Kammgarn Schaffhausen

AUGUST - 2018

Felsenkeller Schaffhausen

Gruppenausstellung mit Anna Peterer & Emanuel Künzle 

DEZEMBER  - 2018

Allianz Suisse 


November  - 2017

Die Galerie 


Oktober  - 2016

Kunstverein Schaffhausen 


Oktober  - 2016

Tempogarage II 


August  - 2016



August  - 2014

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